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Nestled in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature, Highwood Hills Elementary School guides children as they explore technology, engineering, and agriculture through our polytechnic program. Our students get hands-on learning experiences and mentorships with industry professionals to set students on a path to success.

Mission: Highwood Hills works in partnership with all stakeholders to facilitate student learning and prepare them to be critical thinkers and productive citizens of the world. 

Vision: Highwood Hills works to build strong, positive connections with students, families, and community partners to educate, empower, and engage students to succeed in an ever-changing world.


  • Innovative Polytechnic Program
  • Personalized Learning
  • Safe, Nurturing Environment
  • Committed to Each Child’s Academic,Behavioral, and Emotional Growth
Our Polytechnic Program

Highwood Hills Elementary School Polytechnic Program is the only program of its kind offered in Saint Paul. Our three-track program, developed with insights from our school’s families, specializes in technical and vocational education in technology, engineering, and agriculture.

Our program provides:
  • Outside experiences and hands-on learning.
  • Mentorships with diverse industry professionals in STEM and technical fields. 
  • Emphasis on goal setting and making a post-secondary plan.
  • Student choice in their track of interest.

Students are exposed to all three polytechnic areas:

CREATE: Technology
  • Introductory block coding
  • Robotics
  • 3D printing basics
INNOVATE: Engineering
  • Basic engineering including walling, supporting, and propping 
  • A specially-designed elementary school process that mimics what engineers use
  • Pair engineering knowledge with problem solving to complete challenges
GROW: Agriculture
  • Cultural practices connected to farming 
  • Farm-to-table process 
  • Food education around farming
  • Plant and maintain a school garden by working together with Youth Farm

A Diverse, Safe and Nurturing Environment

Families often think of us as a home away from home, where they know their children feel safe and supported. Students see and hear themselves reflected in the diversity of our staff. We provide the best environment for children to learn and grow academically, behaviorally, and emotionally, helping them succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Our Primary Partners

School Pathways

Pathway: Highwood Hills --> Battle Creek Middle --> Harding Senior

Contact Us

At A Glance


  • Serving grades PreK-5
  • Enrollment: 323
  • Princial: Dr. Fatima Lawson
  • Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Phone: 651-744-3290
  • Fax: 651-293-5296

Focus School

Highwood Hills has been designated as a Focus School under the federal Elementary Secondary Education Act.

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